Blank Report Cards

Why have blank report cards?

For 1st quarter, teachers like to use the blanks as worksheets.  They fill out the blanks with the grades and then they take the blanks to the computer and enter the grades.  Kindergarten teachers use the blanks as a reference for their parent/teacher conferences for 1st quarter.   We were having requests for blank Spanish report cards for all grades, which we have made available also.

For the 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarters, the teachers are to use the teacher copies from the previous quarters as their worksheets and references.  These copies are printed within two weeks after the report card goes home to the parents.  Put the teacher copies in a safe place for you to reference  throughout the year.  This will be the copy that needs to be forwarded on to the new school or new teacher if the student should transfer out of your class.

Blank Report Cards 

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Grade K 

Grade 1 

Grade 2 

Grade 3 

Grade 4 


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Spanish Versions:

Spanish - Grade K

Spanish - Grade 1

Spanish - Grade 2

Spanish - Grade 3

Spanish - Grade 4